Fandom Quest

I never got my acceptance letter to Hogwarts so, I’m leaving the Shire to train as a Jedi, in order to join the Avengers and catch all Pokemon.

The Sherlock Fandom – Crazy Since 1887

When you think of Sherlock Holmes you probably think this: Or Even this: Or MAAAYBE if this DISNEY movie Terrified you when you were young..... Over the years there have been many, many more adaptations of this beloved detective than... Continue Reading →

Fandom Madness Week 1

-Wysteria Campion Mistress of Clouds Lady of the Southern Skies Reality Bender

Pokemon Fan Art – 2 Dratini Evolution

    All of the above pixel art was done by yours truly Sullivan the Inky.

Disney Fan Art – 1

The  pieces above were drawn by your very own Wysteria

A Lapin Glossary

The Lapin language is the language of the bunnies in Watership Down. If you've never read the books before (or even if you have) this guide will help you out a lot.   Bob-Stones - A traditional game among rabbits. Crixa,... Continue Reading →

The Challenge of El-harairah – Watership Down Fan Fiction

This is an awesome fanfic again, by Evan L. Thank you for your story. If you would like to send us your story, send it to us via the contact page.  Watership Down Rabbit Language Dictionary: A Lapin Glossary Always at... Continue Reading →


WHO DOES NOT LOVE THIS BLUE ALIEN FLUFFBALL!! If you don't love him, leave. Leave now, you terrorist. Let us begin, shall we? Goodbye, let this kiss, spur thee on to greater heights. Wysteria Campion, Lady of the Southern Skies,... Continue Reading →

Who Do We Hate the Most?

Let me answer that with this simple picture(or two or three)... Do these pictures speak the truth? Now let me show you something in another fandom that will certainly stir your heart! Wysteria Campion, Lady of the Southern Skies, and... Continue Reading →

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