Fandom Quest

I never got my acceptance letter to Hogwarts so, I’m leaving the Shire to train as a Jedi, in order to join the Avengers and catch all Pokemon.

Thor Ragnarok Movie Review/Nerd Rant

I saw Thor Ragnarok less than an hour ago. I saw Thor Ragnarok on November 2, 2017, let this be remembered forever. I'm not a professional movie reviewer, I am a nerd who likes to talk about movies and express... Continue Reading →


One Point – Halloween Marvel FanFiction

Heyo! Didn't post Monday because this was such a good opportunity. 🙂 This piece is written by yours truly. Author here: Writing in an AU, so it's not the MCU. Just think about the Avengers Assembled TV show and you're... Continue Reading →

Gambling for Glory: Percy Jackson FanFiction – Chapter 2: Tyche

Ushered to his picnic table (painted half white, half black), Cole sat in shock, surrounded by his half-siblings. They chattered to him, Cole just sat there in silence. Finally, the head counselor of the Tyche cabin said "Calm down, guys, I... Continue Reading →

Gambling for Glory: Percy Jackson Fan Fiction – Chapter Two:Claimed

Sage clenched her jaw muscles and looked expectantly at Chiron. The boy from her dream was standing in front of her. She knew enough to know that dreams meant something important, and were not to be ignored. “Ah, Sage. Good... Continue Reading →

Why I Hate Superman

The man of steel is the most pathetic hero. EVER. Honestly, his only solution to anything is: PUNCH IT! *Doesn't work* PUNCH IT HARDER! Honestly. He's overrated, too OP, and his weaknesses are just....*bangs head on the desk* I just... Continue Reading →

Marvel Fan Art – 1

All art was drawn by Wysteria Campion:Wysteria's Deviant Art

Gambling for Glory: Percy Jackson Fan Fiction – Chapter 1 Who is He?

Sage stretched and sat up in her bunk, yawning. She’d had a dream of a black haired boy, there was fire and something else? A woman? No, she rubbed her eyes. It was fading and yet, parts of it wouldn’t... Continue Reading →

Gambling for Glory: Percy Jackson Fan Fiction – Chapter 1 Who Am I?

  Cole stepped gingerly down the stairs. He didn’t know what made him anxious. He laughed to himself. Yes, he did. He was nearly blown up yesterday who wouldn’t be nervous about waking up in a strange house in strange... Continue Reading →

It’s Trap…Star Wars Memes


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