Fandom Quest

I never got my acceptance letter to Hogwarts so Im leaving the Shire to train with the Jedi and join the avengers to catch all Half-blood Pokémon. Once I do that I'm going to Gotham to particapate in the quater quell, and get saved by a man in a police box.

Gambling for Glory – Chapter 7: Balance (Sage)

I finished with the entire bag of ledgers at my desk that night, using an enchanted eraser to completely erase the books with a single touch the front cover. Well worth the ten drachmas. I placed my master ledger on... Continue Reading →


Gambling for Glory – Chapter 6: What to Do? (Cole)

My cabin finished breakfast and went to the training arena. Asher placed a hand on my shoulder as we walked and said, "We need to get you a weapon, my friend." The Tyche cabin practiced their drills with the straw... Continue Reading →

Gambling for Glory – Chapter 6: Vision (Sage)

I hung my bag on a hook on my bunk, rumpled my covers, and took some pajamas from underneath my pillow, and headed to the bathroom. I changed for the second time that night, rumpling my hair to look as... Continue Reading →


Dr. Strange: A Short Review

(Movie poster found via google) Having recently watched Dr. Strange, I thought it might be good to write a short review in preparation for the finale to another Phase of Marvel. I will try to stay away from spoilers, however,... Continue Reading →


Gambling for Glory – Chapter 5: Lucky This Time (Cole)

Sage and I changed out of our fancy attire and packaged it underneath the cash counter. Sage carefully placed all the ledgers and receipts from the night in her large satchel, and we were set to leave. It was pitch... Continue Reading →


Gambling for Glory – Chapter 5: The Vault (Sage)

The night closed on schedule, about eleven, with the grand prize drawing. A whole new set of prizes were placed on the wheel, and a girl from the Demeter cabin won a new dagger. The Tyche cabin escorted groups of... Continue Reading →


Gambling for Glory: Percy Jackson FanFiction – Chapter 4: Supreme Nachos (Cole)

"That will be fifteen mortal dollars or an entire drachma." "That's highway robbery!" "You wanted the supreme nachos, which take five minutes to make and I'm new so I don't even know what I'm doing, I've only made them once... Continue Reading →


The Possible Time-Stone Paradox

  Theory: A copy of the time stone could be found if the possessor went back in time to get the stone and bring it back. The result of Theory:  (1) Only one stone shows up in the end, or (2) Shattered... Continue Reading →


The Science and Controversy of Force-Lightning

It is my profound privilege and honor to introduce a new hero to the quest, Creadora Fantasma, Padawan of Master Clastra, Force weilder, Reality Bender (Writer) She is a good fren of mine, and she has written this post today,... Continue Reading →


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