This is a story written by our friend: Cas: Pilot of the Rebellion, Reality Bender, And Fandom Advisor of All Excellence.

He held her tight. He didn’t see the ocean, he could barely see the sky. He was numb and full of pain at the same time. He took comfort merely from her presence, from the beat of her heart against his.

They were going to die.

She whispered his name, her voice full of pain and fear and something more. There was hope in her voice, a defiance so strong it hurt him.

“Cassian,” she said again, and it hit him all at once that those were the last words he was going to hear. He didn’t want that, his name was too full of death. He’d done bad things for his cause. It was all worth it, anything was worth it, but he didn’t want to hear his name. Too many times it had been whispered on the lips of those he’d done wrong, screamed by those who cursed his name.

So he held her tight and felt the beating of her heart against his own. His vision was black and blurry from pain, but he tried to see the sky one last time. All of a sudden, the words came to mind, the ones the blind warrior had repeated. I am one with the force and the force is with me. They seemed to be comforting. Did they bring one peace somehow? He whispered them to himself, voice cracking.

The brightness was upon them and they were no more