I have here a cool fan fiction by, Evan L.  Thank you very much for your contribution.

“We only have a few more miles,” said Gandalf. Bilbo was silent. He seemed deep in thought. “What might a hobbit like you be thinking of?” Bilbo shook himself from his thoughts.
“Oh, I am sorry,” he said. “But you can’t expect someone not to think after, something like I’ve been through.”
“Indeed,” replied the wizard.
“It seems funny to end it.”
“Oh, yes, I know. But once one has completed a full adventure, he’s bound to have another.”
“Yet, I am not sure I’d want something to happen too soon.”
“Well, my dear Bilbo, sometime’s that’s hard to avoid.”
“That’s what I’m afraid of.” There was silence between them for a minute. Then Gandalf said,
“There is one more place we must go to get back to the Shire. The Ruins of Graltosten.”
“Oh, dear me, I never did like ruins. Always so dreary looking.”
“It shouldn’t take long to pass if we stay together.”
“Is there – er – something that could separate us?”
“Well, it’s rather a maze. But just stay with me, and we’ll be fine.”
“Well, of course, I trust you.” They soon entered a narrow entrance to an old, torn-down labyrinth. At any rate, it looked like a labyrinth to Mr. Baggins. There were carving and cracks on the wall. Night was coming upon them. Bilbo was very fascinated with the walls. He looked down one of the side paths. There was a white light down it. It was moving to the right. Without asking Gandalf, or even hesitating, Bilbo started after it. But soon he found that it had disappeared and he was all alone to wander throughout the maze with no sense of direction what-so-ever. Foolish me, he thought. Thinking I could wander off on my own. Mr. Baggins, your pride has overcome you, and look where it has led you! Suddenly, he spotted the light again, this time much closer. He ran after it. He caught up with it. A hunchbacked man in a hood and ragged robe stood staring at him, holding the speck of light in his hand. Bilbo assumed he was staring at him, but not even the light could make out his face. Bilbo made sure he had his sword handy, as well as his Ring.
“Ah!” said the man. “Methought I heard someone enter my labyrinth!”
“Your labyrinth?” said the astonished hobbit.
“Wherefore do you enter? What is it that thou seekest?” Bilbo was quite unused to this sort of language and didn’t know what to make of it. “Well, thou art welcome!” said the man.
“Well, I thank thou – I mean, you kindly, but I’m afraid I’ve lost my way and my friend.”
“Ah, as does happen always in these ruins! I always find the one that doth lose his way. I am very hospitable, yes! I even have some friends that have lost their way! Come, wouldn’t thou likest to come and eat with them?” Bilbo, hoping by some chance Gandalf was among these “friends,” consented. The man led him through dark hallways and paths through the maze until they reached a corner.
“Now, friend, the ones you seek lay right around this corner,” said the stranger. Bilbo walked around it. Then he gasped in horror. All around the room lay the bones and skulls of men and creatures. He spun around. In the place of the white light the man had was, in his hand, a ball of fire. Bilbo drew Sting. The wizard didn’t even wince.
“Please, what do you want with me?” Cried the poor hobbit. He began to draw the Ring. Suddenly the man saw the Ring.
“Give me your ring, and I will consider sparing you.”
“Why, I can’t give up my ring!” Bilbo suddenly slipped it on.
“You can’t hide from me! I can still see you!” Bilbo was too scared to think about why the wizard had changed his speech. Suddenly a light appeared, and Gandalf hurried around the corner.
“You!” He cried to the wizard. “I know who you serve! Begone from here, and never return!” The man screamed at the sight of Gandalf, snapped his fingers, and disappeared in dust. Bilbo took off his Ring.
“Bilbo, why did you not stay with me?”
“I saw a light, and followed it,” Bilbo replied, ashamed of himself.
“Do not let your pride get the better of you. Come. The exit is right over here.”