Well as you’ve probably seen, everyone here at Fandom Quest has been on a Middle Earth kick and I’ve been affected as well. So today I’m here to talk about one of my favorite aspects of Tolkien’s creation. The Valar.
Many people who dive into Middle-Earth fail to look past the Third Age and miss out on one of the coolest things about Middle-Earth. The Valar in a sense are the gods or heavenly beings that shaped Middle-Earth. When Middle-Earth was formed, these heavenly beings were the ones responsible for the landscape that is the backdrop for Frodo’s great quest.
So without further ado, meet the Valar!

Manwë is the Zeus of Middle-Earth. God of the sky and leader of the Valar, Manwë is the second most powerful Valar of them all.
The most powerful Valar, Melkor was the original dark lord and also the creator of Sauron.
Mandos…The keeper of the dead. When the immortal elves parish they journey to the halls of Mandos.

The ruler of the high seas! He’s basically Poseidon.

The master of stone and the forge. Aulë was the creator of the dwarves!

The Great Huntsman. Théoden is compared to Orome when he led the charge during the battle of Pelenor Fields.

The master of visions and dreams. Together, Lórien and Mandos are the masters of spirits.

Tulkas is the champion of the Valar; The Middle-Earth god of war.

Those are all of the Male Valar (not including their wives).
-Sullivan the Inky, Maiar of the Library, Reality Bender.