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When you think of Sherlock Holmes you probably think this:

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Or Even Elementary. No picture, that show is stupid.

Or MAAAYBE if this DISNEY movie Terrified you when you were young…..I don't even know what movie this is but it's perfect.:

Over the years there have been many, many more adaptations of this beloved detective than one would care to count. But no matter which adaptation you love or even (heaven forbid) the original stories this will entertain you:

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That’s right

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We have done this at least once during the series.

What’s even funnier is that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle hated his beloved character.

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He began writing Sherlock Holmes stories because he was of all things: BORED! And that element has always been shown in the stories because of it. He said,

“If in 100 years I am only known as the man who invented Sherlock Holmes then I will have considered my life a failure.”

REALLY??? REALLLY? I would LOVE to be in his literary position. *sigh*….

But the icing on the cake the Sherlock fandom is sooooo stinking crazy we resurrected Sherlock from sheer willpower. In the Reichenbach falls, Doyle wanted to be done once and for all with the stories. But readers in England, America, and Canada gave such an outcry that he wrote the return of Sherlock Holmes just to get some piece.

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So as you can see, we are all a little crazy here.




Sherlock. Benedict Cumberbatch.








I hope I have shed light on our insanity. Please don’t let Moriarty Bite you on the way out.



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