Who has seen the new movie? *raises hand* Well if you haven’t tread carefully because:



So the initial story of WW (for short), is An evil god is cast out after killing everyone, other god causes mud baby to become alive… you know the usual. She grows up the only child on the island (no men in sight I might add), finally meets a man, finds out there is is a World War and goes to fight in it believing evil god is the master mind….Blah blah blah blah blah, explosions awesomeness, love, friendship, sadness, more epic explosions along with THE ENTIRE PLOT FOR CAPTAIN AMERICA THE FIRST AVENGER! No, not really but I’ll explain that.

So with the synopsis over, let’s dive in.

So first off, they got their mythology wrong. It’s Prometheus that creates man, and Ares certainly is a jerk, but he’s not exactly an evil mastermind. That honor belongs to Kronos, and Gaia and all the monsters of Tartarus. The Amazons are not only mortal, they lived in northern Greece, WORSHIPED Ares, their leader had TWO DAUGHTERS with him, and they did know and have relations with men…all be it men were slaves and their sons were exiled. They were even beaten by Hercules over Hippolyta’s belt! But it’s comic book mythology what can you expect? And their version served their purposes very well. Mythology rant over *drops mic*

But other than that I loved the world building involved with this, the visuals were amazing. I really want to go to that island. And it even had Princess Buttercup from, the princess bride. That’s right! Diana’s aunt is played by the actress who plays Buttercup.

Image result for wonder woman princess bride
Whoever drew this, I love you.

It’s interesting to see how the death of their own effects them. Sure they had animals, and they died all the time. Sure, they’re a warrior race and death in battle is an accepted thing. But the death of their own (had probably happened when they left Greece), hadn’t happened for like, 2, 000 years and Diana had never seen that. So it hit her doubly hard.

As the movie progresses she has to work through all of these emotions that she’s either encountered very little of or not at all. She doesn’t understand what women wear, why they can’t go to war, and why they can’t be seen as equals. The movie continues and shapes up to a be like Captain America. They walk into a bar and meet their team, each of them has their own specialty etc, etc. War, fighting, it’s not what Diana thought it would be. Her reaction to it (at first) is probably what young men felt going off to the Amerian Civil War. They were all happy and they had parades, and then really stuck them. And brought many of them down with it. But Diana, having lived with the Amazons, probably understands this and has a very short reaction time. She then marches through the front, deflecting bullets with her shield and cuffs. And people are like,

“Why does sh only have cuffs that are bullet proof?””

*slap their derpy face* Because she is not invulnerable, more armor would slow her down, and please IT TAKES SPIDER-MAN/FLASH LEVEL REFLEXES TO DEFLECTS A BULLET…WITH HER WRIST! So cut her some slack. It’s not like her weakness is yellow. *glares at Green Lantern* You can criticise him all you want.

Then after she saves a little town, they string up lights, they eat, and dance. I was in a class discussing J.R.R. Tolkien, and my teacher mentioned what Tolkien likes to do. (I put it in my own words.)

In all of the hardship of the Lord of the Rings, there is one thing that remains constant. During their struggles, there is always good food and fellowship. A small time of rest, for you to remember your happier days.

That’s what it was. And it was absolutely wonderful to Diana’s wonder of seeing her first snowfall.

It goes on and on, and I might add she continually tries to get close to the Lead Nazi bad guy with her “god killer” sword. When she finally confronts him and kills him, nothing happens. Everything continues to go wrong. She didn’t kill Ares. Turns out Ares is an English gentleman who you love from the moment you see him. But she fights him and stuff and the sword breaks. Honestly, as soon as I saw that sword in some of the opening shots, I knew:

“Pffft, that sword is nothing. It’s Diana that’s the god killer.”

And low and behold, I am right. She kills Ares, there are so many explosions and it’s really an assault on your eyes, because of everything’s fire. But she eventually does kill Ares. And the movie ends from there.

Onto Character Analysis.

I love Diana’s character. How simple everything is, with no political correctness or buerocracy. Her curiosity, her naiveness, and how little she knows about the outside world, especially when it comes to how women dress and behave. I will say that the actress was a perfect match for the role. Not only is she lovely, she looks exactly the way I think WW should look, and her accent is absolutely lovely, and I think necessary to the character.


Image result
Gal Gadot aka Diana Prince aka Wonder Woman




I’m not even going to go into love interest, Steve. Why? Because HE DIES! He’s basically Captain Rogers….


-He’s adorable

-He’s got a powerful/intimidating/awesome lady friend

-He flies a plane of bombs until it crashes/he flies a plane full of super toxic gas until he makes it explode

-He told his powerful/intimidating/awesome lady friend he loved her before he died/”died”



I cried really hard during both Steve’s deaths. Because I knew it would happen both times because it was predictable but still heartbreaking.

Farewell Steve from DC. May you supplement the emptiness of comic book heaven.

In Heaven: Roll Call!

Uncle Ben? Ben: Here, been here for years, and never gonna leave. 

Steve from DC? Steve: Here never going to leave either.

Bucky? Oh right, he actually got to go back.

Waynes? Matha: Hello Thomas: Our son is a vigilante? Martha: You can’t ever seem to get over that, can you? Thomas: No, it’s awesome! Lucky Alfred. Martha: Thomas! Thomas: WHAT!?

Okay….Anyone else…..else….else…? *echoes off into the emptiness of comic book heaven*


Onto the antagonist – Ares aka. Remus Lupin. Yes, Yes it is.


Image result for wonder woman david thewlis
David Thewlis/Remus Lupin
Image result for wonder woman david thewlis
David Thewlis/Ares (no movie picture available)

Honestly there’s not much to say about him, other than:

It’s a huge plot twist. At least it was for me….did NOT see that coming.

Onto the rating.


Casting: 10/10

Effects/Graphics: 9/10

Overall Performance: 9/10

Music: 1000/10 (10)

Costuming 8/10

Knowledge of Greek Mythology: -100/10 jk

Out of 60 points: 936… (including music and KoGM’s scores)

REAL SCORE: Out of 50 points…..46!

I hope you not only enjoyed this movie, I hope you enjoyed this post! Have fun on your epic quest through life!

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