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Fantastic Beasts and where to Find them. A textbook first mentioned in Harry Potter’s Third year(?) I believe. This textbook gave Hermione the answer to the Chamber of Secrets…as we all know she was petrified and then….*Shouts* Read the book!

But what makes this movie so good?

Good Things:

  1. It doesn’t have an established storyline. No one can scream: “THAT’S NOT HOW IT WAS IN THE BOOK!”
  2. It has established worldbuilding, but it brings in new cultures.
  3. It expands the wizarding world. The wizarding world was PREEETTY cut and dry by Harry’s fourth or fifth year, with very few expansions in world building.
  4. It focused more on creatures than humans and their relations to each other than wizarding kind as a whole.
  5. It was in America.
  6. The effects were amazing!
  8. Johnny Depp

Now there are a few things that are messed  up or make you think:

  1. UM….HOW DID THOSE CREATURES GET OUT OF THE TRUNK IN THE FIRST PLACE? The Niffler I understand but seriously, the Erumpent how did the Thunderbird get through the little workshop entrance? HOW!
  2. Um….Wizkowski’s skull isn’t the only one susceptible to breakage…
  3. Does Wisowski have a tolerance against forgetfulness rain?
  5. If the Dursley’s were anymore abusive than Dudley hitting him, not being loved, being yelled at etc. But was more physically and violently attacked because of his magicalness…..He could have potentially been an obscurus…HAS NO ONE THOUGHT OF THIS?
  6. Creedence is Creeeeeeepy.
  7. Does the American Ministry of Magic get their clock from the same person who made Molly’s clock?
  8. The Anti-Witch lady is CREEEEPPYYYY!
  9. Also…..YOU COULDN’T SPARE WIZOWSKI AT ALL?!?!?!?!? *tries not to cry, floods the house*