I saw Thor Ragnarok less than an hour ago. I saw Thor Ragnarok on November 2, 2017, let this be remembered forever.

I’m not a professional movie reviewer, I am a nerd who likes to talk about movies and express my opinions in a disorganized fashion. So here we go: SPOILERS AHEAD!


Pre-movie excitement…I didn’t realize how much I wanted to see The Last Jedi until now.

The basic premise of the movie is that these are the events that transpired for Hulk and Thor during Captain America Civil War.

Thor is busy preventing destruction of Asgard and he comes back to Agard and he finds Loki in control. They try to find Odin but…

DR. STRANGE CAMEO!! I was so excited in that bit, I cannot lie. I loved the trippy stuff he pulled on Thor that completely wigged him out until finally dumping him and Loki in Norway.

Odin died. I was not ready for that. I will say there was one point where Loki, wearing all pitch black looked like he was going to drop a music video.

Moving on.

I’m going to skip over a ton of stuff because…I can’t process so much of it.

I heard somewhere that this movie had a general outline for the scenes, and was add-libbed. I seriously believe that, as it was just the most naturally funny thing I’ve seen in forever.

Passing thoughts of a comic nerd:

The grandmaster is actually the collector’s older brother. Go watch ultimate Spider-man kids.

Hulk and Thor actually love to spar with each other. In a special training room that can handle their strength, and the moon. So I was super stoked that they could fight without any prhibitation and let us see what they could do to one another, considering their jabbing at each other.

Stan Lee’s cameo was hysterical. A little more interactive than other cameos he’s made. (\He’s the barber that cuts Thor’s hair. Fun Fact: In Norse culture, short hair meant you were a slave.

Onto more analytical stuff. 

As far as graphics go, they were amazing. They seemed real and fantasticaly unreal at the same time. Dr. Strange’s graphics were amazing as always. And Thor’s lightning was really amazing along with Hela’s pointy things. I don’t know the correct term for them. I would just describe them as obsidian blades.

The acting as always was amazing. Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston are just the best. I love the depth Hiddleston brings to Loki, because honestly, I wouldn’t love him if Hiddleston didn’t bring that depth to the character. We would have a slaughing psycho lunatic, and not a damaged person who just wants to be loved and valued.

I must say I was dissapointed that Jane and Thor ended up not working out. After two movies of their relationship…I thought it was settled, but no. Apparently they…mutually dumped each other…way to go guys.

In the end, Ragnarok does come toAsgard, destorying the entire relm. But before it happens, Loki is in the vault, putting the demon crown thing into the eternal fire. The camera watches him hessitate in front of the tesseract. From all of the sources I have looked at, the Tesseract is an infinity stone encased in a cube so it is easier to handle its power. But hear me out. FAN THEORY ALERT!

I think Loki took the Tesseract so that every Infinity stone can be accounted for in 2018

WARNING THERE ARE TWO CUTSCENES! But there is definetly time for you to go to the bathroom inbetween scenes. 

Sooooo. If I’m going to try and retain the pretense of being semi-professional. So as an overal rating of 1-100

1 = Quicksilver Dying

100 = Any Marvel Movie Soundtrack 

I’d rate it a 94

Due to:

Cinematography, Graphics and Effects, Costuming, Casting and Acting etc. But the best one is the amazing story telling. Everything didn’t turn out alright in the end, everything came to a bittersweet ending that makes yo want to crave more, while making you feel satisfied (for now) with the ending you received.