Theory: A copy of the time stone could be found if the possessor went back in time to get the stone and bring it back.

The result of Theory:  (1) Only one stone shows up in the end, or (2) Shattered time stones.


The explanation is pretty simple, you go back in time to get the stone, the original one taking you there disappears because that timeline is messed up. But the other takes a bit more of an attempt at explanation.

First of all, it’s definitely, a paradox, let’s get that straight. But assuming the stone that took you to get the other stone doesn’t disappear, our train of logic is this.

The Time Stone is basically the power of time that holds the universe together if there was two, then obviously it wouldn’t be the only power, and time would start acting funny. The biggest question, is: Why do you need two-time stones? In case one gets stolen? Say it did get stolen here are the probable trains out though.


If you got the stones at the same moment in time and you used one as a spare, and someone stole it. Then we would have the probability that it would shatter. Imagine one of them is turning time backwards, and one turning forwards. What does that do to the timeline? Presumably the timeline can only handle one force of nature turning time, and if there were multiple, it would probably put less strain on the timeline to travel in the same time. But in any case, these two stones (which are technically one), would be contradicting each other, putting strain on the fabric of time, and presumably shatter, probably scrambling the linear timeline in the process.

I don’t think you’d have this paradox with any other stone, as the power stone is more of a power source, the mind stone at this point is just a laser, reality stone only changes the reality for as long as the holder uses it and it turns off once focus is lost or the owner loses it. I think the only way you can probably destroy the world is using the space stone to duplicate itself then using them both, ripping just the entire fabric of the universe.

Also, don’t say that these stones can’t shatter, because here is a section from the comics (no context available).


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What are your thoughts?

-Wysteria Campion, Lady of the Southern Sky, Mistress of the Clouds, Reality Bender.