Dear Journeyer,

You have stumbled upon the page, on which I will tell you of my helpers. I am your guide and mentor, but the Multiverse is large, and I cannot guide you alone. I require four helpers.

These are the Heroes that form my helping service:

  • Wysteria Campion: Lady of the Southern Sky, Mistress of the Clouds, Reality Bender (writer). Wysteria Campion is also known as Master Clastra.
  • Sullivan the Inky: Maiar of the Library, Reality Bender.
  • Aster Silverwood: Magician of the Silver Wood, Doorkeeper of the worlds, Reality Bender.
  • Cas: Pilot of the Rebellion, Reality Bender, And Fandom Advisor of All Excellence.
  • La Creadora Fantasma (the creative ghost): Padawan of Master Clastra, Force wielder, Reality Bender (Writer)

As your guide, I would like to draw your attention To SPOILER ALERTS! My heroes and I, strive to keep this website Spoiler Free. But that is not always possible. Be warned. The further your journey, the farther you risk a spoiler. You have been warned.

Also, I would like to issue a disclaimer. We own NOTHING on this website. The fan fiction and fan art remain the property of the artist/Manipulator of Reality (writer). We have just published their pieces with their permission on our platform. We own none of the Universes in the Multiverse that we display here. Sherlock (BBC), Disney, Star Wars etc. My helpers and I have only created this Quest for you, journeyer, to bring you our thoughts, share our ideas, to grow closer as a fandomly. (fandom family)

I hope this information aids you in your Quest, Journeyer. Remember, the valuable item you hold: Keep it secret, keep it safe.

Your Guide and Mentor,

Adorallan Wysalynn Wizard, Fandom Traveler and  Bender of Reality (Writer)