Dear Journeyer, When you clicked this post, did you say for Narnia or for Gondor? What shirt are you wearing? One with a fandom character, or quote, perhaps. Do you enjoy (okay not enjoy, perhaps, obsess over) your fandom? Then, journeyer, you have found your quest. The quest of the Fandom. To find anything and everything that relates to your fandom. Gifs, memes, movies (terrible though they may be), shirts, memorabilia, need I go on? NO! You journeyer, are the chosen one. You must quest against the armies of, reality, and logic. You live for magic, and adventure. Somewhere, where rules of physics aren’t required. You, journeyer, have found that place. Welcome to Fandom Quest.

Your Guide and Mentor (who may or may not die in the process of the blog as all mentors must do),                                                                                                                                                                                 Adorallan Wysalynn Wizard, Fandom Traveller and  Bender of Reality (Writer)