Fandom Quest

I never got my acceptance letter to Hogwarts so Im leaving the Shire to train with the Jedi and join the avengers to catch all Half-blood Pokémon. Once I do that I'm going to Gotham to particapate in the quater quell, and get saved by a man in a police box.

The Science and Controversy of Force-Lightning

It is my profound privilege and honor to introduce a new hero to the quest, Creadora Fantasma, Padawan of Master Clastra, Force weilder, Reality Bender (Writer) She is a good fren of mine, and she has written this post today,... Continue Reading →


Gambling for Glory: Percy Jackson FanFiction – Chapter 4: Blackjack (Sage)

I turned to look at Cole, and, Lara of the Aphrodite cabin was at the bar. I groaned internally. Lara was a notorious flirt, and would most likely try to use Cole's inexperience to get a free snack. A chime... Continue Reading →

Updates and Announcements

Hello, everyone! As you know, we're not too active on this blog, and we'd like to change that in this new year. We've been writing stories and articles for the last few months and we will try to post on... Continue Reading →

Gambling for Glory – Percy Jackson Fan Fiction Chapter 3: The Lucky Clover Casino (Cole)

I exited the men's restroom, dressed in a black silk suit, and holding a red velvet bowtie. I pulled on my white gloves and leaned against the counter. I put the bowtie around my neck and under my collar, and... Continue Reading →

Gambling for Glory: Percy Jackson FanFiction – Chapter 3: The Open Floor (Sage)

I brushed past Cole and began directing Tyche campers in their tasks. Soon the bedding on the bunks was stripped down to the sheets and was flipped over and tables for dice, and card games appeared; with lighting revealed by... Continue Reading →

Thor Ragnarok Movie Review/Nerd Rant

I saw Thor Ragnarok less than an hour ago. I saw Thor Ragnarok on November 2, 2017, let this be remembered forever. I'm not a professional movie reviewer, I am a nerd who likes to talk about movies and express... Continue Reading →

One Point – Halloween Marvel FanFiction

Heyo! Didn't post Monday because this was such a good opportunity. 🙂 This piece is written by yours truly. Author here: Writing in an AU, so it's not the MCU. Just think about the Avengers Assembled TV show and you're... Continue Reading →

Gambling for Glory: Percy Jackson FanFiction – Chapter 2: Tyche (Cole)

Ushered to a half black half white painted picnic table, I sat in shock, surrounded by my new-found half-siblings. They chattered me, I sat in silence. Finally, the head counselor of the Tyche cabin said, “Calm down, guys, I know... Continue Reading →

Gambling for Glory: Percy Jackson Fan Fiction – Chapter Two: Claimed (Sage)

  I clenched my jaw muscles and looked expectantly at Chiron. The boy from my dream was standing right in front of me. I knew enough to know that dreams meant something important, and were not to be ignored. "Ah,... Continue Reading →

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