Fandom Quest

I never got my acceptance letter to Hogwarts so Im leaving the Shire to train with the Jedi and join the avengers to catch all Half-blood Pokémon. Once I do that I'm going to Gotham to particapate in the quater quell, and get saved by a man in a police box.

One Point – Halloween Marvel FanFiction

Heyo! Didn't post Monday because this was such a good opportunity. 🙂 This piece is written by yours truly. Author here: Writing in an AU, so it's not the MCU. Just think about the Avengers Assembled TV show and you're... Continue Reading →


Gambling for Glory: Percy Jackson FanFiction – Chapter 2: Tyche (Cole)

Ushered to a half black half white painted picnic table, I sat in shock, surrounded by my new-found half-siblings. They chattered me, I sat in silence. Finally, the head counselor of the Tyche cabin said, “Calm down, guys, I know... Continue Reading →

Gambling for Glory: Percy Jackson Fan Fiction – Chapter Two: Claimed (Sage)

  I clenched my jaw muscles and looked expectantly at Chiron. The boy from my dream was standing right in front of me. I knew enough to know that dreams meant something important, and were not to be ignored. "Ah,... Continue Reading →

Why I Hate Superman

The man of steel is the most pathetic hero. EVER. Honestly, his only solution to anything is: PUNCH IT! *Doesn't work* PUNCH IT HARDER! Honestly. He's overrated, too OP, and his weaknesses are just....*bangs head on the desk* I just... Continue Reading →

Marvel Fan Art – 1

All art was drawn by Wysteria Campion:Wysteria's Deviant Art

Gambling for Glory: Percy Jackson Fan Fiction – Chapter 1 Who is He? (Sage)

I stretched and sat up on my bunk, yawning. I'd had a dream of a black haired boy, fire, and something, or someone else? A woman? No, I rubbed my eyes. It was fading and yet, parts of it wouldn't... Continue Reading →

Gambling for Glory: Percy Jackson Fan Fiction – Chapter 1 Who Am I? (Cole)

I stepped gingerly down the stairs. I didn’t know what made me anxious. I laughed at myself. Yes, I did. I was nearly blown up yesterday, who wouldn’t be nervous about waking up in a strange house in strange clothes,... Continue Reading →

It’s Trap…Star Wars Memes


Gambling For Glory: Percy Jackson Fan Fiction-Prologue: Origins – Sage

I was about four years old when the monsters came. It was at our house in North Carolina. I was in the backyard, playing on the swings when the ground began to rumble, making the swing-set totter. Our house was... Continue Reading →

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