Fandom Quest

I never got my acceptance letter to Hogwarts so, I’m leaving the Shire to train as a Jedi, in order to join the Avengers and catch all Pokemon.

The Challenge of El-harairah – Watership Down Fan Fiction

This is an awesome fanfic again, by Evan L. Thank you for your story. If you would like to send us your story, send it to us via the contact page.  Watership Down Rabbit Language Dictionary: A Lapin Glossary Always at... Continue Reading →


WHO DOES NOT LOVE THIS BLUE ALIEN FLUFFBALL!! If you don't love him, leave. Leave now, you terrorist. Let us begin, shall we? Goodbye, let this kiss, spur thee on to greater heights. Wysteria Campion, Lady of the Southern Skies,... Continue Reading →

Who Do We Hate the Most?

Let me answer that with this simple picture(or two or three)... Do these pictures speak the truth? Now let me show you something in another fandom that will certainly stir your heart! Wysteria Campion, Lady of the Southern Skies, and... Continue Reading →

Fan Fiction – Why Write it? LINK

I wrote a post on my primary blog, why to write fan fiction. If you find yourself on the fence or want to write, but lack the motivation, then this post is for you. If when you read this post,... Continue Reading →

A Guide to the Valar

  Well as you've probably seen, everyone here at Fandom Quest has been on a Middle Earth kick and I've been affected as well. So today I'm here to talk about one of my favorite aspects of Tolkien's creation. The... Continue Reading →

Bilbo’s Last Adventure -LOTR Fan Fiction

I have here a cool fan fiction by, Evan L.  Thank you very much for your contribution. “We only have a few more miles,” said Gandalf. Bilbo was silent. He seemed deep in thought. “What might a hobbit like you... Continue Reading →

Lord of the Rings Fan Art – 1

      All Pieces were drawn by me. Wysteria Campion. Lady of the Southern Sky, Mistress of the Clouds, Reality Bender.

Life Lessons From the Most Famous Wardrobe of All

Who doesn't love Narnia?  I mean, if you don't, then you obviously need to read the books again.  (And watch the movies because they actually weren't bad.  Amazing in the fandom world, am I right?)   Sometimes, it's okay to... Continue Reading →

The Second Before – Rogue One Fan Fic (Excerpt)

This fan fiction is written by Whoadazzle. It is originally posted on her blog: Forever Starlight the Second Before It is an excellent short fan fic, clocking in at a little over 250 words. Here is an excerpt to pique your interest.

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